The Project Socialist Modernism:
Our approach is focused on protection of built heritage and the research within the borders of the former Eastern bloc, we advocate for the protection of the Socialist Modernism architecture erected in the period between 1955-91. We are dealing with the protection / monitoring / research / preservation of the current state of those cities, including the buildings, monuments, parks, squares, entire districts and green areas, etc.
In the first phase of this project we will concentrate on the analysis / research / study, followed by the second phase, when we will elaborate regulations and will deals with education of local authorities and inhabitants of those protected areas, through a legislative program concerning the architectural stylistics of the buildings/districts erected in socialist era.



The Project Socialist Realism:
The initiative Socialist Realism has as a main goal the revitalization and conservation of the buildings,  entire districts,  monuments, parks, and green areas in Central, Eastern Europe and other regions. Our project focuses on saving/preserving the material culture and spaces related to the history of socialist realist art and architecture (1930′ – 1950′).



The Project Defensive Architecture:

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